Creality 3D – Laser Engraver Module Upgrade

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This is a dedicated laser engraver module upgrade for your Creality CR-10 3D Printer.

Product Information

This high powered laser engraver module mounts directly to the extruder head turning your CR-10 3D Printer into a laser engraving machine. Comes with a FREE pair of safety goggles.

Compatible with the following models:

  • CR-10 S3 (300mmx300mmx400mm)
  • CR-10 S4 (400mmx400mmx400mm)
  • CR-10 S5 (500mmx500mmx500mm)


  • Voltage: 12V (DC)
  • Working current: 2100mA
  • Wavelength: 405NM
  • Power: 500mW
  • Lens Material: Dedicated Optical Coated Glass
  • Cooling Method: Fan Forced Air Cooled
  • Housing Material: Aluminum Anodized Black
  • Mounting Style: Non-Adjustable Co-axial Mount

*Product may differ slightly from image due to variations in the production process.


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